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Our Apologies but House & Land Packages are no longer available

We still have a selection of some great sections.
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Development work at Coastlands is completed and all titles are available.

The last stages developed offered some of the best sections in the subdivision.  These stages are close to the beach, with magnificent ocean views.

Where possible, all sites have been designed to take advantage of the lovely views without taking away your neighbour's view.  Height restrictions and a few building platform perimeters apply to some sections.  The views available from each site reflect in its value.  Generally, the higher the price, the better the view and location to the beach.

Coastlands was developed with large sized sections allowing plenty of room for kids and garaging.  The average size is between 650 m² and 750 m².  Some even larger sections are still available, up to 1052 m².

Coastlands is a suburb of Whakatane, so is fully serviced, with excellent water pressure, fully reticulated sewer, power and telephone.  It also enjoys all the facilities of the Whakatane urban area such as weekly rubbish collection, postal delivery and Council maintained parks and reserves.

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For Sale
Private Homes in Omega Place

Prices are GST inclusive & subject to change without notice. Building Covenants Apply.

Sections Still
For Sale

Lot Address Area m2
Stage 7 & 9
4 9 Ocean View Rd 800
19 3 Pacific Parade 780 Beachfront
276 8 Fishermans Drive 795 Beachfront
Stage 11
148 22 Pacific Parade 654 Beachfront
162 32 Anchorage Grove 767
Stage 12
142 36 Pacific Parade 733 Beachfront
143 34 Pacific Parade 702 Beachfront
368 32 Pacific Parade 1052
  Stage 14  
121 39 Ohuirehe Road 594
126 61 Pacific Parade 561
132 43 Ohuirehe Road 551
Stage 16
429 39 Omega Place 654
431 47 Omega Place 718
434 49 Omega Place 679
Stage 17
443 67 Omega Place 710 Beachfront
444 71 Omega Place 653 Beachfront
445 69 Omega Place 411